Jul 3, 2013

KScope 13 ODTUG New Orleans

Once again, ODTUG KSCOPE13 in New Orleans was a success.

It's always a great pleasure to meet with all the APEX Experts from all over the world.

This year , Insum had a booth in the exhibition hall. It was a great place to get some people to learn about APEX. Yes, there are still some people that does not know APEX, or still think that it's only for small projects. Also, with our development center in Montreal, we have more and more customers from the US using our services. Kscope 13 was the perfect place for us to do additional networking and meet new people.

I also had the chance to participate in a face to face meeting with the APEX team and other APEX experts to discuss the proposed featured on the apex.oracle.com/vote web site. We discussed various topics and it was very interesting. One thing I can tell you is that if you would like to have a specific functionality or change in the next release, you should definitely go and add you request for a feature and vote for the ones you think are important. We really go through them all one by one and by order of number of votes. Your input is really valuable.

APEX 5.0 is not out yet, but some nice features are in the works. I saw Patrick Wolf's session and he showed some great new features in the development tool like static images with real URL's and Directories, and ZIP files upload and download. He also demonstrated syntax highlighting and auto complete in the PLSQL regions (SQL Workshop, Processes etc). A lot of great stuff is on it's way.

I also had the chance to see some nice new features for Mobile in Marc Sewtz's presentation with JQuery mobile 1.3 including panels "à la Facebook" and column selector.

And since 12c just came out, Jason Straub explained how APEX could be installed in the Container database (cdb) or in the Pluggable database (pdb). I will have to play with that to learn a bit more about it ...

Finally, New Orleans was great. The Mardi Gras party was also a lot of fun with  poker tables and fireworks over the Mississippi River. Can't wait for Ksope14 in Seattle.

If you could not attend Kscope in New Orleans for APEX, there will be an APEXPosed conference in Montreal again this year. It's a two day conference with lots of great contents on APEX. For more information go to : http://www.odtug.com/apexposed   (Use the code "INSUM" to get a 50$ rebate).