Apr 29, 2011

Expert Oracle Application Express Book

A new APEX book will soon be available. Another one. But this new book called "Expert Oracle Application Express" is also in memory of Scott Spadafore and Carl Backstrom.

Each chapters has been written by different people that knew Scott and Carl. Here is a list of the contributors :

I was honoured to be part of this project and I would like to thank John Scott for invinting me to participate. My chapter is about APEX Globalization. Let me tell you, writing this chapter made me realize that it takes a lot of work and efforts , and it was only one chapter, imagine a whole book ! This was a first for me. I now have a lot of respects for authors that writes technical books. Also, being French Canadian made it even harder, trying to write something that would be easy to read and well phrased. I don't know if I succeeded though (As you can see in my blog posts ;) ). Nevertheless ,  it was worth it and if at least it only contributes to help both families , than I will be very happy. Because all the royalties from the sales of the book will be split 50/50 between the two memorial funds.

For more details on the book , see John's blog post.

The book is already available on Amazon . Buy it, it's for a good cause.