Dec 21, 2009

APEX 4.0 Early Adopter

Joyeux Noël !

La version "Early Adopter" 4.0 de APEX est présentement disponible sur le Amazon Cloud.

Pour y avoir accès allez a :

Vous pouvez donc tout de suite avoir un avant gout de la version finale et essayer les nouvelles fonctionalités telle que les Tabular Forms , les items plug-in, les actions dynamiques (Mise en place de javascript sans avoir a coder).

Attention, certaines restrictions s'appliquent. Voir le blog de Joel Kallman.

Dec 1, 2009

Oracle OpenWorld 09 Pictures

Here are some pictures from Oracle Openworld 09.

I had a great time.

You can see some pictures about :

- San Francisco
- APEX 4.0
- Larry Ellison Keynote (With Arnold)
- Alcatraz in the cloud
- Golden Gate Bridge in the cloud
- Appreciation Event with Aerosmith

Apexposed 2009

Here are some pictures taken at APEXPOSED 09 .

We (Insum) were attending as an exhibitor and I also did two presentations:

One about APEX deployment strategies and the other one abour Software As A Service with APEX.

The nice thing about APEXPosed is that there were 3 tracks : Beginner, Advanced and Web 2.0. So I attended some sessions about web 2.0. Tim St-Hilaire and Doug Gault sessions were good sessions . They both explained step by step implementation of web 2.0 functionalities.

There was also a keynote from Mike Hichwa about the usage of APEX at Oracle and APEX 4.0. I learned that APEX was created on April 8 1999 :).