Oct 12, 2009

OOW09 - Day1

I arrived in San Francisco on Saturday night. The night was short and as always , it is hard to get some good sleep when you are not home.

Anyway, on Sunday, despite the small jet lag and ther fact that I had almost no sleep, I attended some interesting sessions.

I attended Tom Kyte's keynote. As usual, very good presentation. He talked about what sometimes seemed as a small change resquest could be very complex. All the different teams (UI, DBA, Developers, etc) have to work together and be involved when new changes have to be done.

After that I had to run to Moscone West (15 minute walk) to attend the APEX ODTUG symposium. It was great to meet and see everyone from the comunity again.

I attended also a presentation on converting ACCESS to APEX.

I find that there are more and more people interested in APEX. I mean, after more then 5 years, the product is gaining some real maturity and keeps improving.

I ran back to the Hilton to the APEX 4.0 Session. It is the third time that I see a presentation on 4.0 and everytime, there are new nie features added. Now, in addition to tabular forms, websheets, declarative ajax and item plugins, there is a new team development section. You can now follow bugs, todo's etc. You can eve ask for feedback from your users directly from your application. Very nice new feature.

I will post some pictures of the slide later.

David did a quick demo of 4.0 and it looks like we are getting closer to a beta version. I just can't wait to get my hands on it :)

Ran back to Moscone to the APEX ask the expert panel. Again, some interesting discussions with the APEX team.

Today, more apex sessions and some hands on sessions.

As for the temperature in SFO, well, this year is colder than last year and I heard something about a storm tomorrow. We'll see. Hopefully, the sun should be back on wednesday in time for the appreciation event and the Aerosmith show.

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