Sep 28, 2009

Michael Hichwa nominated for the Innovation Showcase

I would like to congratulate Michael Hichwa for being nominated for the Innovation Showcase because of Application Express !

I am sure that he will win since APEX is really an innovation. You have my vote.

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Sep 18, 2009

APEX Web Conference - Converting Access to APEX - Take 2

The webconference has been moved to wednesday September 23rd.
So , you still have a chance to attend. To register, contact Marc Côté via e-mail at info @ insum . ca

The presentation is an overview of APEX and explains why and how to migrate an MS Access application to Oracle Application Express.

Sep 11, 2009

APEX Web Conference - Converting Access to APEX

Converting Ms Access Applications

To Oracle Application Express (Apex)


11 to noon ET
September 16, 2009

Microsoft Access might look suitable for a departmental application but for IT managers it is like a time bomb. Eventually, the super user that put it in place and manage it will leave your organization, or the data will suddenly be deemed sensitive, or a web interface will be needed or the application will need to grow to a larger number of users.

Oracle Application Express (APEX) presents an incredible alternative to MS Access with the added advantage of a 100% browser based environment where users are able to access their applications from any PC, and from any location together with the performance, security and scalability inherent to the Oracle database.



Insum Solutions is solely dedicated to Oracle Application Express. Since 2002, we are a one stop shop for customers across North America looking to create new applications or to migrate existing applications to APEX.

Building on real life customer applications, Insum Solutions has experienced the MS Access to APEX conversion process and is in a unique position to present and discuss the numerous benefits achieved by its customers who have gone that route and the best practices that help ensure a successful conversion project.

· Introduction to Oracle Application Express (APEX)


· The steps to a successful migration

· Questions and Answers

Target Audience
IT Executives, VP Application development, Corporate Architecture & Project manager
Across all spectrum of the industry

Dates and Location
Wednesday, September 16, 11am ET

Leverage Insum Solutions experts to ensure a successful Access to APEX migration on your first attempt!