Jun 22, 2009

ODTUG 09 - Day 1

On Sunday , it was the symposium Day !

It started with an APEX keynote from Joel Kallman. If you ever get the chance to see this presentation , don't miss it.

Joel was dead on with his talk about APEX being ahead of the curve. He showed some screenshots of FLOW (the ancester of Marvel, HTMLDB and finally APEX). In some degree , it was not so different than the current version. Sure, there are more features now but at that time you could already develop pages with wizards with only a browser and an Oracle database.

He made a parallel with the president Obama saying that like APEX , a couple of years ago, they both were
- Virtually Unknown
- Underestimated
- had "Grass root support"

He also talked about the SAAS (Software As A Service) and PAAS (Platform As A Service) approach of Oracle Application Express.

The community of APEX is also growing and growing. Here are some stats that Joel showed us :
  • Apex.Oracle.Com : 6.8M Pagesviews / week , 12k workspaces, 350/week
  • Apex Forum : 4.1M views, 45k threads, #3 on OTN
  • 55 Blogs, 5 Books, 12 Hosting Partners, 80 consulting companies


The rest of the day was mostly customer stories. It was very interesting. Here are some stuff that I remember in no particular order :

The LAMP acronym is oftenly used for : Linux Apache MySQL PHP
Now there is the LAOS acronym for : Linux APEX OracleXE SQLDeveloper

Here is a Quote that I liked : "Customers want Holes , Not Drills ! " i.e. give the customer what they want , they don't really care about the technology used to do it. For example, do you care what google use for Gmail ? As long as you have access to your mail.

One presenter explained that by switching to the web, they made significant cost saving because they saved on training, it was less complex, easier to upgrade or add features, there was less keys used by using more on-mouse stuff so the clerks were more effective in their work.

David Peake anounced an APEX development competition. The contest ends in August and the winners will win a free pass for Oracle Openworld or a copy of John Scott APEX Book.

Today, there us going to have some more interesting sessions and one that is really expected is the APEX 4.0 session from Mike Hichwa. I will keep you posted.


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keep the posts coming :)
Good luck on your presentation.

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