Jun 21, 2009

ODTUG 09 - Day 0

We arrived on Friday evening after a long day of waiting and flying.

On Saturday, we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was very nice. We saw otters, sea horses and of course a lot of different kinf of fishes.

We saw the feeding show that you can also see on a web cam from home.

It was fun to see Roel , John and Monty again. I am looking forward to meet old friends and make some new friends this week at ODTUG Kaleidoscope. I heard that there will be about 700 people coming to the conference.

There is a twitter account for ODTUG if you want to follow what is going on. You can also filter on the #ODTUG tag. I think that this is a good idea for an event like this one.

I will try to post during the week. Especially after my session on wednesday (13:30 S243).

So, now, time for breakfast and the APEX Symposium.

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