May 28, 2009

Forms to APEX Workshop follow-up

On May 20th Insum Solutions hosted an APEX seminar followed by a workshop on How to migrate Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX using the migration engine. The session took place in Oracle’s office in Montreal (participants were spoiled with a great breakfast and lunch generously offered by Oracle).

For the most part, participants (15) were business analysts and DBA from the public/parapublic sector. Some of them were coming from organizations where APEX was actively used to develop new applications. Some were new to APEX altogether.

Serge Tremblay, Oracle Solutions Specialist for Oracle Technologies kickoff the session and delivered a strong presentation on the positioning of APEX within the overall offering of Oracle development platform. In short he insisted that APEX had all the horsepower required to deliver enterprise scale applications. Also along this line Serge explained how an APEX application could be deployed in a fail proof environment . Insisting on the fact that APEX cost efficient deployment option is not a limitation and should not be marked as a disadvantage. If more robustness is required than all the options are there to put in place a application that could provide high availability in a 24/7 capability.

Michel St-amour, Insum president, followed Serge on the podium and provide answers to : Why migrate, How to evaluate and manage a migration project. Insisting on this last concept – Migrating from Oracle Forms to APEX must be considered a project and managed as such (although there is a migration engine).

After a networking lunch, we changed gears and started the workshop session. Participants were instructed to log on our server to download the required files and to connect to Insum APEX training application. The whole afternoon went very smoothly. The session was led by Brigitte Lafond, Senior consultant at Insum. Brigitte is also the one who had crafted an exhaustive document (65 pages !) to help guide the users step by step on how to proceed. To ensure everyone had the proper attention on this first delivery of our migration workshop, we also had Eric Boissonnault, another consultant at Insum, in the room to help Brigitte answer participants questions.

At 3:30 we wrapped things up with the participants. General comments were that the session was quite helpful, instructive and provided a good eye opener on the possibilities of both APEX and the migration engine. Also re-confirmed by all was that migrating from Oracle Forms to APEX must be managed as a project (no magic button) and a first project should always be led by experienced consultant ( which was music to our hears)

To make sure Oracle Enterprise customers could have a chance to participate in a similar session, we have agreed with Oracle Montreal office representatives to hold a similar session in the September timeframe.

Thanks to Marc Côté, director business development, for this resume.

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