May 6, 2009

Collaborate 09 - Peabody Ducks

You probably are asking yourself why I am talking about Ducks in the title of this post. Well, you'll see.

During the last two days, I attended some interesting sessions at Orlando for IOUG Collaborate 09.

There was one session by Tony Jedlinsky about Amazon EC2 Cloud computing. His presentation was well done and showed a step by step setup of an APEX installation on the Amazon Cloud. Very interesting and good pointers.

I also saw David Peake's Forms to APEX conversion. I already saw this presentation a couple of times but now that APEX 3.2 is available, there was a bit more details than the last one I saw. You can see an overview of the Forms conversion on OTN.

Another good presentation was the overview of the SQLDeveloper datamodeling tool by Sue Harper.

But one of the most intriguing one was the APEX Architechture Review by Paul Dorsey. Intriguing in the sense that it was kind of hard to understand the overall message that he was trying to pass to the audience. Was it that there was some flaws to APEX or that APEX was a good tool or that ADF was too complex ?

But, however, I think that it was an interesting presentation in the sense that it added new arguments to debate about. From my opinion, it showed a perspective from the type of APEX user that does not have the time , or the chance, to go in more depth with APEX and base their evaluation of the product on what they first see. I find that this is the beauty of the tool in a way. You can quickly create functional applications but after you can customize about almost anything. And this takes a bit of time and programming efforts.

You can find more details and more discussions about Paul Dorsey's presentation on Dimitri's Blog.

One thing that disapointed me at Collaborate is that there was at least three APEX sessions that were canceled. I hope that these presentations will be at ODTUG Kaleidoscope.

Now about the Ducks :

I am staying at the Peabody hotel, and beleive it or not, there is a Duck parade every day.

It was very funny to see this ritual with the music and the Crimson-and-gold- braid-jacketed Duck Master...

This made my day ! :)

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