Dec 4, 2008

Top Ten SAAS Dos and Don'ts

I know that this post is again related to SAAS (Software As A Service). Actually, it has some relations with APEX for since we are mixing both.

Apex is a good development tool for SAAS. Not just because it is secure and scalable, but also because the web applications are generated dynamically. So , customizing each pages for each requirements is easier with APEX than using other traditionnal development tools.

Anyway, the other reason that I blog about SAAS again is that I am preparing for my ODTUG presentation about building multi-tenant SAAS applications with Oracle Application Express.

Here is a good PDF document listing the top ten DOs and Don'ts when providing SAAS. We have been working with our Adsum SAAS product for over 5 years now and I find that this document is very accurate.

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