Nov 17, 2008

WEB 2.0 with Apex and JQuery

We decided at Insum that we had to investigate a bit more on the "ajax / jquery / javascript " to give our users a better experience.

How do you let your users move regions in a page ? How do you implement that "Working ..." image when your page is submitted ? How do you create modal pop-up windows ? etc ...
Those are all questions that we asked ourselves and were looking for answers.

Well, we started where Carl told us to : JQuery.

Check out our demo application at . As we try and find different web2.0 things, we will post the results of our findings there.

At the same time that this is a central refrence for us, I hope that it will help some of you trying to do the same.

we are also open for comments and questions. Feel free to participate either in the forum, or on our blogs.


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