Nov 5, 2008

Apexposed - OPP

I was in Chicago on the 29-30 of October 2008 for the Apexposed conference.

Again, it was very interesting to see all those presentations. There is always new ways of integrating Apex with different technologies.

See all the conferences about Apex with other technologies :
- Integrating PL/Flow with Apex by Scott Stegemann
- Yahoo UI and Jquery with Apex by Tim St. Hilaire
- Integrating Apex and Web Services by Jason Straub
- Integrating Apex with DHTMLX Tree by Bharat Pappu

On the first morning, Scott Spendolini did his 408 slides presentation. Very entertaining. It was funny to see those old technologies that we used back than and the corrolation with today's technology. After that, Mike Hichwa presented some new features coming in the 4.0 release of Apex next year.

Scott Spendolini Payed a tribute to Carl Backstrom on the second morning during his Keynote. I think that it was very appropriate and that it had to be mentioned.

At the same time, his "Avoiding APEX Pitfalls" was very educating. He talked about how to deal with political issues when trying to get people to adopt Apex. I agree with him when he says that the adoption of a new technology is 10% technical and 90% political.

I had the chance to network with different people and is is always motivating to discuss the possibilities of Apex with them.

Another presentation that I liked was Steven Feuerstein's : "A Solid PL/SQL Foundation for Apex Developers". Basically, APEX has to be treated as any other PL/SQL development and Database Packages should be used in PL/SQL APEX Processes to ease maintenance and tuning.

So, this trip was short and sweet. Fly in and fly out of Chicago . I would have liked to visit downtown but the Hotel was a bit too far. So maybe another time.

ODTUG is a great association and I think that they are listening to their members and reacting in a good way. All I can say to them is "keep up the good work".

I submitted an abstract for the ODTUG Kaleidoscope next year. Who knows, maybe I will be presenting. The subject of my presentation is : How to build a multi-tenant SAAS application with Oracle Application Express.

Can't wait to see if it will be accepted.


Scott said...


Thanks for the nice comments! I'm glad that you enjoyed my presentations and the conference as a whole. We had a lot of fun putting it together, and I'm hearing a lot of good things about it!

Talking about Carl was the 2 most difficult slides I ever had to get through in my life.

One note - I did not do the PL/FLOW presentation; Scott Stegemann did. You may want to make a quick correction.


- Scott -

Francis said...

Thanks Scott for your comment. I did correct my little Lapsus...

I did not attend the Pl/Flow presentation since I wanted to learn more about Yahoo UI and JQuery. But I will definitly take a look at Scott's presentation about PL/Flow.

And yes, it must have been very difficult to talk about Carl in front of everybody. Imagine, I can't even find the words to write something decent in my blog.