Oct 8, 2008

My week at Oracle Open World - Part 3 (Final)

Wednesday September 25

Yep, after this long day and after spending a lot of energy stressed about the presentation, well, it was time for Party !

This year, the appreciation event was on the Treasure Island in SFO. Treasure Island is a man-made atoll located in the middle of San Francisco Bay and just beneath the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

For the occasion, there was some thrill rides , arcades and two stages with live performances. It's my second OpenWorld and again, it was incredible. As last year, there was a lot of food and drinks. What a nice party.

Here are some pictures of the event :

Thursday September 26

After a short night, I attendted Jonh Scott's presentation "Dispelling Myths About Oracle Application Express" . Of all the presentation I saw during the week, I think that this one was one of my favourite. Why ? Because, we have been using APEX for more than 4 years now and we used it in all kinds of architectures, applications, configurations and it is working very well but, when you talk to your customers about Apex, they do not believe us when we say that this new tool is : a good tool, it scales, it's web enabled, it's secure, it's simple. Everything today is so complicated that when you say "well, all you need is an oracle database" the customer says "What's the catch ?" "Can it scale", "Will Oracle support it", "If it's free it's not good", "It's not a proven technology" .

Well, Scott did a good job in listing all of those myths and dispelled them one by one. Nice job. If you have the chance to see that presentation, go. It's worth it. Especially for the Apex timeline that he shows . It's surprising to see for how long this product (Apex) has been there. Longer than you think...

Later, at the end of the day, I saw "Building a Web 2.0 Interface with Oracle Application Express" by Mark Lancaster. Another good presentati
on explaining AJAX and Javascript with Apex. You can find examples on his Blog. I especially liked his story about his water cooling machine. It's a long story but it short, Technology is simple but it still takes experienced people to help you get the best out of it.

Friday September 27

Well, that was my last day in SFO and we went visiting Alacatraz , Fisherman's warf and Pier 39. We also did a last ride in the Cable Car.

With so many new things in my mind, I now have to find a way to communicate everything to my team here in Montreal.


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