Jun 24, 2008

ODTUG 2008 - (resume of my week in New Orleans)

I will not explain all the details of all the APEX presentations that I saw in New Orleans since others do that quite well.

All I can say is that Oracle Application Express is more popular that last year. Some conferences , I had to stay in the door since there was no place left in the room to sit.

My highlights are :

1- Sunday symposium .

Scott Spendolini did a very good presentation presenting 400 slides in about 20 minutes. Very good and very funny. He talked about some of the early versions of Oracle tools and bring back good memories ...

Mike Hichwa presented some of the new features that will be in the next releases. I did not had time to note them all up but one thing is for sure, I can't wait ... He also talked about Websheets wich is somekind of APEX lite. Very promising.

The presentation from Vista Technology (Bharat) was also very interesting. Knowing that the Army is using APEX means that Apex can be used for enterprised applications.

The presentation from Rich Mutell was great. This time we got the chance to get the point of view of a end user (not IT). It was really constructive.

Dietmar presentation was also very interesting. He talked about how the could develop rapidly an application for a big telecom company. Again, a good experience with APEX for an enterprise application.

2- Apex presentations

I will not go in detail but there was a lot of Apex presentations. Here are my favorites :

  • Apex Best Practices , John Scott
    • top 10 of things to do in APEX .
  • Apex 3.1 , David Peake
    • Especially the last 15 minutes about forms converter to APEX. We saw a small demo and it is very promising.
  • Go Global with Oracle Application Express, Joel Kallman
    • Using the globalization feature in APEX quite a lot, this presentation was of interest for me. Very good presentation and people should be aware of this feature a bit more since being on the web means being multilingual. And Apex can handle that quite well.
  • Creating Advanced Charts in APEX, Dimitri Gielis
    • I knew about charts but I did not really had the chance to play with it. This presentation was a good overview on what can be done with charts in APEX.
  • How to hack an Oracle Application Express Application , Anton Nielsen
    • This was a very good presentation and it showed some of the things to be careful with when we code with APEX. Anton is a good presenter and I would have like to see the whole presentation since he did not had time to finish it. Anyway, people using APEX and doing web developement should be aware of these security issues and learn how to make sure their application can be made more secure.
  • Building the New stuff: AJAX, JSON and APEX 3.1, Carl Backstrom
    • Very intersting. Carl showed us how we can implement AJAX in our APEX application. I can't wait to get my hands on that sample application. That is the beauty of APEX, it is declarative and you get applications up and running very rapidly but you also have access to all the nice things "under the hood" to build your own nice interfaces. very cool.

3- Non APEX presentations

I also attended some Non Apex presentations ;) Even if I was there mostly for the APEX stuff , I attended some others presentations.

I especially like the one about BI Publisher by Eric Marcoux and the one about PL/SQL webservices.

I attended a presentation about SOA but it was a bit too theorical (I prefer when it is a bit more technical). I am sure that we can do SOA with APEX. I really would like to have some real life examples about SOA with APEX. anyway.

I also had the chance to participate at an Oracle Development Tools Usability. It is interesting to participate and have a chance to express our experience with Oracle tools. During this session, we had to discuss about how Oracle can make our life easier with using their tools. This was a first for me and I will probably participate again if they ask me.

4- New Orleans, Burbon Street, French Quarter.

Well, this part is more about walking around in the city. I did not go very far from the Hotel but still was very nice to see a bit of New Orleans. It was also great to hang out with the others APEX afficionados ;) .

The temperature was very hot and humid.

The Sheraton hotel where ODTUG 2008 was held is on Canal Street.

I also had some great cigars at the New Orleans Cigar Factory .

One of those old boats on the missipi river.

You are allowed to drink on the streets but ...

(You can even get some Big Ass Beer LOL )

They call it the French Quarter ... but I think that they forgot how to write in French :) (My English is probably worst ...)

I Love those tramways . I think that is a very good thing for those cities . We used to have some in Montreal but we don't anymore. Maybe someday in the future.

I can't wait for the next conference to see how people are using APEX in their day to day work.

As always , people from the Apex team are very available and this is very appreciated.

I think that there is a place for every technologies and that there should not be a war between Apex and other tools. If you know PL SQL and HTML then Apex may be the tool for you. At least, you should give it a try. It's there in your database, so why not try it ?

I would like to see a comparaison with other technologies (not a shoot out) to see the pros and cons. Like how much does it cost , how secure, how scalable, how easy is it to install, how easy is it to maintain, what kind of architecture , What is the expertise required etc

How does it compares with PHP , ADF , Ruby , Forms , .Net , Delphi etc...

I also have to mention that I met a lot of peolple from around the world. That in itself was worth the trip. I've met some very nice people and I can't wait to meet them again. Maybe at Openworld in San Francisco !

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